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Boomers continue battling the rise in rent

After the 2007 financial crisis, many Baby Boomers are still feeling the financial burdens allocated to them nearly a decade ago. But how deep are these fiscal cuts? As numerous Boomers are still playing “catch up,” more and more are finding themselves moving in with their children. And the worst part? The average price of rent just keeps rising. Hold on Boomers—according to Marketwatch, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…... Read More >

Determining the better fit for you – To rent or become a homeowner?

The choice to rent or to become a homeowner can sometimes be complex. It depends on many situational factors... Read More >

Tips for Millennials – Overcoming Obstacles to Home Ownership

As millennials approach home-buying age, they face obstacles that were not present in earlier generations. In this article from Trulia, learn of ways to overcome these obstacles. Using these strategies, along with the many low down payment options available to home buyers today, home ownership can be within reach!... Read More >