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15 Home Design Styles to Motivate a Makeover

Which type of home design do you prefer? Minimalist or Country? Eclectic or Industrial? The Wall Street Journal provides an abundant amount of signature styles such as those above that might inspire you to makeover your own home! There's even a bonus poll included at the end!... Read More >

Top States for Home Improvement

One of the hottest topics for homeowners is home improvement! The majority of home improvement stems from renovations such as flooring and painting. However, there are states in the U.S. where home improvement means more than just renovations but also includes specialty services such as snow removal and maid services too. Home Advisor shares these great infographics laying out home improvement across the United States below!... Read More >

8 Critical Things to do Before Buying a Home

Did you know that more than most of the 8 critical things you need to do before buying a home are finance related? From crunching numbers to knowing your credit score, provides this checklist to help get your new home search started!... Read More >

Hacks for Hosting a Better Party at Home

With Father's Day and the Fourth of July right around the corner, you're likely to be hosting some family get together at home. Depending on the size of your family or the amount of friends you choose to invite over, parties at home can be a little overwhelming if you aren't properly prepared. All details matter from the music to food to the decorations. Luckily for you, put together a list of hacks that can help ensure your party is the hit of the town!... Read More >

8 Steps to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

Now that hurricane season is upon us, it's crucial that homeowners are prepared for the storm surges that come with it! Having a disaster plan includes making sure you know your local evacuation escape routes, checking your city/county news channels and websites for real-time updates, and building an emergency preparedness kit with a flashlight, batteries, and first aid kit. In addition to your disaster plan, your home should also be prepared for imminent weather. The 8 tips below will help keep you and your home safe during this hurricane season.... Read More >

How Do Lenders Evaluate Credit?

A lot of people wonder about the home buying process, but have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes during the mortgage process? The mortgage process is a critical part of buying a home, and the better it’s understood, the smoother the home buying experience will be! No matter when you are ready to buy a home, your credit score will be a factor in the lender's decision to approve you for a mortgage. Some of the things lenders typically look at when evaluating your credit report are:... Read More >

How to Obtain a Free Credit Report

Personal credit scores have become more important than ever. Keeping track of your credit score is important, but please be careful about how you do it. There are a lot of companies and services advertising free credit checks who are actually trying to lure you into signing up for unnecessary premium services that require monthly fees. Be wary of companies who ask for your credit card information when trying to obtain a credit report from them. Make sure to always read the fine print before signing up to receive your credit report otherwise that “free” credit report could end up costing you in the long run.... Read More >

Open and Closed Credit Accounts and How They Impact Your Credit Score

We wanted to share some important credit information that's helpful at all times – not just when you are considering buying or refinancing a home. Some of the rules of thumb are obvious – others are not. For example, it makes sense that someone intent on improving their credit should not apply for and open several accounts in a short period of time – or even open several accounts at all. What isn't commonly known is that closing credit accounts can also have a negative effect on your credit score. Closing a credit account – even one with a zero balance – can have a negative impact on your score.... Read More >

How to Grow Houseplants without Harming Your Pets

Not all houseplants are created equal in the cat and dog world. There are certain plants that can harm your furry family members you should be aware of. provides some valuable insights on how to garden your green without endangering your pet.... Read More >

The Financial Perks of Downsizing

The bigger and more extravagant does not always mean better. Simplifying your lifestyle can mean greater financial perks especially when it comes to downsizing your home. U.S. News points out a few financial perks when it comes to scaling down your square footage.... Read More >

3 things that won't ding your credit score

There are a few common myths when it comes to credit scores, and one of the biggest myths is what does and does not ding your credit score. For example, many folks believe that multiple credit pulls when shopping for a home will put a damper on your score. However, you can actually pull your credit an unlimited amount of times by different mortgage lenders within a 14-day period and have only one inquiry added to your credit report. Check out these other three things from Bankrate that won't ding your credit score!... Read More >

10 ways to use the sun at home

Going green isn't a trend that's going to fade anytime soon- it's a lifestyle that's here to stay. Utilizing renewable energy resources like the sun is an easy way to add a little more green to your life. For example, did you know that you can make a solar oven out of a pizza box? Check out more green tips from Groovy Green Livin below!... Read More >

Thirty Steps to Financial Wellness

Did you know that April the official National Financial Literacy Month? No matter what month of the year, it's crucial to work on these 30 steps throughout the year that Money Management International provides on to put you on the path to financial wellness.... Read More >

3 Things to Never Do With Your Down Payment

Depending on what type of loan program you choose, your down payment could be anywhere from zero percent to three and half percent or more. It's important that no matter what your down payment is, you know where to keep it. Though it might be obvious you shouldn't spend your down payment on a shiny car or new furniture, you might not have thought about these three things you should never do with your down payment from Read More >

Digital Upgrades That Can Help You Sell Your Home

It may be no surprise that giving your home some fresh curb appeal and a new coat of paint will help sell your home faster, but did you think about digital upgrades? In a world where technology is evolving faster than we can keep up with, it's important to install some of the latest smart features in your home before you sell it. Daniel Goldstein from Marketwatch gives the inside scoop on the latest smart home features that could help move your home off the market in 2016.... Read More >