Change of Address Checklist

Moving can be stressful enough with trying to remember which box you packed your chinaware in and which bin holds your movie collection. The last (and most important) thing you should worry about is everyone you should contact when you move. Redfin put together this fantastic list of services you'll need to get switched over before the big move and companies you'll need to contact to notify of an address change. So movers, make sure you print this checklist out and worry about one less aspect of your move!


There are countless aspects to organizing a move—renting a truck, gathering moving supplies and trying to stay sane while doing it.  While you’re worrying about all the heavy lifting, you may be forgetting about other small changes that must be made.  One of these includes updating your address with certain companies.  It probably sounds tedious, but it’s very important if you want life to go smoothly at your new place.  Here is a list to help you prioritize which companies to change your address with.

First of all, you’ll want to update your address with the United States Postal Service.  The last thing you need is to be settled in at your new house and not receive your mail!  You can make this change online or at a local post office.

Before You Move

As you know, services like water, telephone and electricity don’t come magically (you definitely know since you’re the one paying the bills).  So you’ll want to call each of these companies and inform them of your change of address so your services can be switched over—if you want to have electricity and be able to watch your favorite TV shows, that is.

Before you move

After You Move

Government Agencies

Updating your address with these agencies is very important, because they affect big parts of your life after the move. If you want to exercise your right to vote or drive your car, your registration information needs to be up to date. These are the big ones:

Government Agencies

Financial Companies

Your finances are no joke, so be sure to notify these companies when you change your address. Your bank, for example, should be aware of a move so they aren’t alarmed when your debit/credit card is being used across the country. Pay attention to these institutions:

Financial companies

Everyone Else

Now that you’ve notified these specific companies, it’s time to think about everyone else in your life. If you have kids, their school or daycare will need notification. If you have a magazine subscription you read faithfully, you’ll have to update that. Make sure you’ve covered the following bases:

Everyone else

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Change of Address Checklist