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Creating Your Personal Garden Style

Have you always wanted a green thumb with an even greener garden? provides some wonderful gardening guides below that will help you become the next pro-landscaper!... Read More >

Home Improvements That Could Earn a Tax Break

It's officially tax season, and we've got a great reason why you shouldn't put off filing your taxes like you do every year! Did you make any home improvements in 2016? Well, you just might catch a tax break if you did! lists the improvements that might be able to save you a buck or two when you file your taxes this year!... Read More >

5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Credit Score 100 Points

Does your credit score need a lift? Forbes suggests 5 different ways to boost your credit score that will help your financial future! Need some long term TLC for your credit score? Ask how our Home Buyer Solutions Group can help empower you to manage your finances and credit!... Read More >

2017's Best and Worst States to Retire

Do you dream of retiring in sunny Florida where the beaches are always beautiful and the sunsets even more stunning? Or do you see yourself bundled up in front of a log fire somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness? Wherever you might envision yourself retiring, you'll want to see how Wallethub ranks 2017's best and worst states to retire.... Read More >

The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Garage

Is your garage living quarters for your family car or is it used for storage space? If you're a homeowner that uses your garage as a hub to store years of holiday decorations, old paint cans, and empty flower pots then this article is for you! provides an excellent guide to organizing your garage so that both your family car and belongings can live together in harmony!... Read More >

Jump in First Time Home Buyers in 2017

A survey from called Active Home Shopper Report has been released with some interesting findings for the New Year - expect a jump in first time home buyers for 2017. But who are these first time home buyers and what motivates them to purchase their first home this year? Builder dives into the report and discusses the findings more in-depth below.... Read More >

Preparing Your Home For a Winter Storm

Winter is officially here which means those pesky winter storms are in pursuit! Is your home ready for the approaching snow storms?! If not, you might want to check out this preparation guide from to ensure your home and family is safe during bad winter storms.... Read More >

Down Payment as a Gift - Avoid Mistakes That Could Mess You Up

Falling a bit short on your down payment for you new home? No worries! You can be gifted a down payment for additional help. However, it's no walk in the park to be gifted a cool ten grand. has the scoop on getting your down payment as a gift and avoiding the mistakes that could mess you up!... Read More >

Millennials and Homebuying: Myths and Reality

Homeownership might look like an impossible feat through the Millennial lens, but that perception might be the only roadblock in their way to becoming a happy homeowner! We're all about busting those mortgage myths and we've got Nerdwallet to help this week: Myths and Reality About Millennials and Homebuying.... Read More >

Starting Over or Starting New: A Guide to Essential Furniture Shopping

Remember that old green sofa your father gave you to furnish your college pad and those floral patterned cheese spreaders your grandmother gave you as an apartment warming gift? Well, once you finally buy your starter home, those old treasures just might find themselves in the trash to make room for newer pieces. Once you've gotten over the emotional despair of getting rid of your mismatched but meaningful household items, you'll then have a new stress in store for you: finding the right furniture to invest in. Luckily, wrote this helpful article to keep you in check while you browse around for new furniture to ease your worries!... Read More >

Change of Address Checklist

Moving can be stressful enough with trying to remember which box you packed your chinaware in and which bin holds your movie collection. The last (and most important) thing you should worry about is everyone you should contact when you move. Redfin put together this fantastic list of services you'll need to get switched over before the big move and companies you'll need to contact to notify of an address change. So movers, make sure you print this checklist out and worry about one less aspect of your move!... Read More >

Credit Score Factors

Mortgage Myth #2: Your age and employment history impact your credit score. NOT TRUE! Credit Karma gives us the inside scoop on what makes up a credit score as well as what impacts it below!... Read More >

4 Things Homeowners Should Do to Prep for Winter and Fall

Fall is in full swing and winter is just around the corner - is YOUR home prepared for the harsh winter weather? If not, make sure you read up on Redfin's four important things homeowners should do to prep for fall and winter below.... Read More >

Understanding the Closing Process

After weeks, maybe months, of searching you've finally found your dream home! Don't breathe a sigh of relief yet, because there's still one more important part of the home buying process you need to focus on before the keys are finally yours: the closing process. Don't worry! Our experienced Loan Officers will be there with you every step of the way. In the meantime, you'll want to read this outline of the closing process that lays out for you below!... Read More >

It's Better to Buy Than to Rent, and it Probably Always Will Be

Whether to buy or rent a home has been one of the most debated topics in our time. If you currently rent, you might want to read this article from Bloomberg and see why buying a home is the winner and always will be.... Read More >